Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ginger-Squash Cake with White Chocolate Frosting

Like a good little blogger in Fall I'm sharing something pumpkin-y today. 
Squash, pumpkin, it's the same right? Pota (ay) to, pota (ah) to..

The other day I bought a butternut squash and after a week of it sitting in my kitchen window sill, and still not knowing what to do with it, I decided to check what Pinterest would do. (WWPD, we should make thát into a bracelet) 

I stumbled across this recipe. And I'm glad I did, wow, what a great recipe and what a delicious cake! Butternut Squash, two kinds of ginger (fresh and dry) ánd for good measure a white chocolate frosting. Yum.

I could type out the recipe and share it on my blog, but I only subbed the Hazelnuts for Cashews(allergies) and left the rest of the recipe as is. So I'll leave the instructions to the original poster. Find it here.

I only remembered to take pictures after we'd (read: mostly me) eaten half of the cake, and during making the photos I might have eaten some more...

(note: the photos aren't the best, our computer crashed and now I'm using an old laptop without any editing software. Grrr...)


Love, Maria

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let's go for a train ride!

Last weekend the weather was beautiful and we thought we might as well enjoy it while it lasts.
Micha being the typical boy toddler that he is, has developed a fascination for trains and so the idea of going for a train ride popped into our heads.

There's a beautiful little city not far from the city we live in, it takes about twenty minutes to get there by train, the perfect amount of time for M. 
Not to long, but long enough for him to have a fun train experience.

It was a hit! We left in the morning and Micha loved every minute of the train ride! 
The town was beautiful, Adam slept in the carrier and hung out a bit in the stroller and we enjoyed a real Dutch lunch of 'Pannekoeken' (thin, crepe-like pancakes). 
After an hour or two we hopped back on the train and were back in time for the boys afternoon naps.

It was the most perfect little adventure for a Saturday morning!

Our little adventure in pictures:

an almost successful family selfie 
boys and their cars
Enjoying his 'pannekoek'

Love, Maria