Wednesday, January 7, 2015

our holidays

I'm so behind with blogging I'm not even going to bother catching up with all different posts about our Christmas, New Years Eve or New Years resolutions.
So I'll just lump them all together in this post.

Christmas was great, New Years was fun and I have a few resolutions that I'll probably forget about by the end of January.


We had ourselves for two whole weeks, which was awesome. 
I'm so grateful that he has a good job teaching at a highschool, but the days are long and he only gets to see the boys for about an hour each day. Micha loved having him around and so did I.(Adam is still a bit indifferent about the guy, kidding!)

 We spent Christmas Eve and morning at home where we opened presents and went to a beautiful Christmas service at church. Later on on Christmas day we went to B.'s parents house. We headed to my parents the day after that, which in Holland is called 'Second Christmas day' (we like to spread out our holidays here in Holland, we also have '2nd Easter day' and '2nd Pentecost day').

Almost all of my brothers and sisters and their family's were there, so it was a full house, but so fun.



Like every year for the past five years we celebrated New Years Eve with our friends. It started out with just the six of us all those years ago and now we have five kids added to the mix. Micha woke up at midnight from all the fireworks, so we brought him outside to see them, he was so excited!


We filled the rest of our days with outings and walks and just enjoying time together. 
We took our annual 'fall' hike photo, which we forgot to do when B. had his Fall vacation. 

I love seeing how this little family of mine is growing! 
What a blessing!
I can't wait to see what 2015 will bring for us!(and, no, I don't mean a baby..:) )

Love, Maria