Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Home (bitter) Sweet Home

We're back from our two week vacation in Canada! 
It was good, it was fun, it was a little exhausting and a lot great for my soul.


The flights went surprisingly well (more on that in another post). 
None of us had a bad jet lag, the first night Micha from 7 p.m. until 7.30 a.m. , yay!
We brought a super quick, but pretty intense stomach bug along from Holland. (not so fun)

We spent lots of quality time together and shared lots of cuddles -that would be Micha- with my sister and her family and with my bestie, Lydia, and her family as well.

I just can't believe how well Lydia's husband and B. connected and how great it was to see our boys playing together. It's crazy how similar our lives are and how, even after not seeing each other for a few years, nothing has changed between us. Our friendship is so special to me!


I ate the donuts and candy I was craving and thrifted to my hearts content 
(oh, why don't we have such great thrift shops in Holland?). 

I celebrated my 29th birthday by going out for breakfast with B. (another thing I really wanted to do in Canada), having a ladies shopping trip in a street full of boutiques and vintage shops, 
which also happened to be hosting a food truck festival that day 
and ended the day with a little birthday get together, finally with my sister ánd my best friend present!


Some photos of our trip 
(with our horrible point and shoot camera, we didn't have room to bring our DSLR along, grr..)

sleeping on the flight there (it only lasted 30 minutes of the 9 hours)
everyone eating Poutine (except for me and my stomach bug)
first bite of a Tim Hortons timbit
besties! and our boys (below)

us with my sister and her family
isn't it great when your best friends husband and yours get along?
 at the Toronto Aquarium

birthday breakfast!
We had such a great time, but of course it was way to short. 
While I love this little country I live in and the friends and family that are here, 
I always feel torn between here and there. 
It's hard having your heart in two continents.

It's home sweet home again (but just a little bitter sweet for now).

Love, Maria


  1. So glad to hear your trip was a blast!! And holy cow does Micha look like a big kid all of a sudden!

  2. Ah, it looks like you had such a fun trip!! Too bad about the stomach bug, but everything else looks amazing!



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