Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Here in Holland Halloween is just catching on. Not many people celebrate it though. 
We celebrate Sint Maarten on November 11th, kids walk around with paper lanterns and sing songs for treats. 
It resembles Halloween but there's no dressing up! Which is too bad because Micha is such a cute little froggie! Don't ya think?

Love, Maria

Friday, October 26, 2012


As I walked up the stairs this morning to put my baby down for his nap I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror hanging in the hallway. I had to catch my breath as I felt such amazement and gratitude washing over me.

A year ago I thought I would never be that girl in the mirror. 

A year ago I thought my baby would come a different way, born from another mother. 

A year ago we decided to give the treatments one more shot.

A year ago that girl in the mirror had no clue what was about to happen in a few short weeks.

It amazes me how much has changed in that one year, how (as cheesy as it sounds) Gods timing IS perfect, how looking back I'd never change a thing as how things went.

In the thick of it I hated the waiting and the disappointments, I thought our prayers didn't reach Gods ears. But the hardships strengthened my marriage and taught me so many lessons. Not only patience but also understanding and faith.

Is it easy to say this, now things have turned out the way they did? Would I be able to say all these things if I hadn't gotten pregnant and we were still struggling with infertility? 

I don't know, it probably is easy and I probably wouldn't be saying these things, but all I know is that God is faithful no matter what and no matter how things could have been. 

This morning I looked over at my little boy sleeping in his crib and all I could think was:  'our God is an awesome God!' 

That is one thing that hasn't changed and never will!

How great is He!

Love, Maria

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Embrace the Camera - October 25 2012

I've been following Emily's blog for a while now, and have always wanted to participate in her Embrace the Camera link up. So here it goes!

This week B. (who is an elementary school teacher) has Fall Holiday, so yesterday we decided to go for a nice walk to soak up all the fall colors and scents.

Micha was sleeping in the stroller until halfway our walk he woke up and demanded to be held! Can't blame him, there's not much to see in his bassinet!

We tried to make a family photo and it wasn't really working, until a friendly old man walked by with his dog and offered to take a picture. And the picture above is the result!

I've never really enjoyed the fall, I'm more of a summer girl, but this year it feels special. I love showing my little man the beauty of this world we live in! Because, despite of all the ugliness, it is beautiful!

Love, Maria

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Micha and me (and papa)

This is a blog about a baby boy named Micha (yes it's m-i-c-H-A, not m-i-c-A-H) and his momma, that would be me, Maria. (And a little about our sweet papa and husband B.)

We waited quite a while for him, but then one morning, after a happy and healthy pregnancy, Micha was born. It was the 31st of July 2012, and it will be a day I'll never forget! The weeks after that, though, have been a blur of diapers, milk, spit up everywhere and the sweetest baby snuggles.

Now I'm ready to remember things, and that is why I want to blog.

I want to remember the little things, his first smiles and giggles and temper tantrums.

I want to be able to look back in a few years and know what was going on in our lives right now and how our God has blessed us.

I want Micha to be able to stumble upon my blog one day and read about our first years together and know that we loved him from the start and always will!

I want to share our life as a family,
including the good, the bad and the ugly bits of life, just keepin' it real!

I want to keep my family and friends across the world updated on our lives, especially Michas.

Yep, another mommy blog, can't have enough hey?

Love, Maria