Monday, March 9, 2015

0 - 7 months of Adam

0-7 months of cute

I know, I know, Adam is already 8 months old, but I haven't gotten around to making his eight month photos yet, so up till seven it is.

Adam, oh Adam, what a sweetie he is! He is the most easy going and happy little babe there is.
A little list of him at 7 months:
Loves: his brother, mah boobs, his dad, food
Hates: being stuck on his belly (even though he can easily roll to his back or scooch around)
Eats: everything, we're doing baby led weaning again, and Adam loves eating the same food we do. (for him I omit salt and make sure whatever is on his tray is soft enough for him to chew with his gums)
Teeth: nothing yet, but any day now
Breastfeeding: about 4 times a day and once or twice at night. Our schedule is usually: 7 a.m. , 12 - 12.30 p.m. , 4 p.m. , 7 p.m. , sometimes at 11 p.m. , and then at 2-3 a.m. I don't really mind that he still nurses at night, but it would be nice if he would give it up eventually.
Sleep: he does two good naps during the day, and at night he only wakes to nurse. Just like his brother he never puts up a fight when we put him down to sleep, I just lay him in his bed awake and he just falls asleep. I don't know how we got this lucky!
Moves: he can move from a sitting position to his belly and scooches around the house on his belly. He tries to pull himself up in the playpen and in his crib, he hasn't succeeded yet, but we definitely need to lower his crib asap!

I can't believe he's eight months already, time really does fly, but we're loving every second of it with him and his brother (maybe not eeeeevery second, but you know what I mean..)

Love, Maria

Friday, March 6, 2015

well hello!

My view right now

Hi! I'm still alive (if you follow me on Instagram you might know that)!
I just kinda lost all inspiration to write and maybe was in a bit of a winter funk, you know, the one all of blogland seems to be in ;).

But the days are getting longer again and Spring is around the corner, literally, this weekend it's supposed to be sunny and about 14 degrees (celcius), which is perfect spring weather! 
And I'm starting to miss blogging a little bit. 

So, although I won't be posting every day, I'll be writing a bit more. 
I don't have big, exciting things to write about, but maybe I'll be able to amuse you with my day to day thoughts and of course photos of the cutest little boys in the world! (Who are doing really well by the way, Micha is the funniest and naughtiest toddler I know and Adam is such a happy and cute 7 month old.)

Happy Friday!

Also, this post by Crappy Pictures (do you know Crappy Pictures, you should, so funny!!) pretty much sums up why I kinda stopped blogging for a bit, and I also love, love, love this post about being mediocre and being fine with that. :)

Love, Maria

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

our holidays

I'm so behind with blogging I'm not even going to bother catching up with all different posts about our Christmas, New Years Eve or New Years resolutions.
So I'll just lump them all together in this post.

Christmas was great, New Years was fun and I have a few resolutions that I'll probably forget about by the end of January.


We had ourselves for two whole weeks, which was awesome. 
I'm so grateful that he has a good job teaching at a highschool, but the days are long and he only gets to see the boys for about an hour each day. Micha loved having him around and so did I.(Adam is still a bit indifferent about the guy, kidding!)

 We spent Christmas Eve and morning at home where we opened presents and went to a beautiful Christmas service at church. Later on on Christmas day we went to B.'s parents house. We headed to my parents the day after that, which in Holland is called 'Second Christmas day' (we like to spread out our holidays here in Holland, we also have '2nd Easter day' and '2nd Pentecost day').

Almost all of my brothers and sisters and their family's were there, so it was a full house, but so fun.



Like every year for the past five years we celebrated New Years Eve with our friends. It started out with just the six of us all those years ago and now we have five kids added to the mix. Micha woke up at midnight from all the fireworks, so we brought him outside to see them, he was so excited!


We filled the rest of our days with outings and walks and just enjoying time together. 
We took our annual 'fall' hike photo, which we forgot to do when B. had his Fall vacation. 

I love seeing how this little family of mine is growing! 
What a blessing!
I can't wait to see what 2015 will bring for us!(and, no, I don't mean a baby..:) )

Love, Maria