Friday, April 18, 2014

see you in a bit!

So, this is what my living room floor is looking like tonight.

Everything is washed and dried and ready to be folded away in our suitcases.
Snacks and fun distractions are bought.
I got my fit to fly certificate from my midwife yesterday.
Presents are wrapped.
We checked in online last night.
I think we're ready... 

It's time to go to Canada! Woohoo!

This space will be a bit quiet for the next two weeks. 
If I have time to post a bit about our vacation I will,
but, no promises!

Have a great Easter!

Love, Maria


  1. Have SO much fun on this side of the world! PS your hair looks AMAZING! Suits you so well!

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  2. Have an amazing trip!! :-)


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