Wednesday, April 2, 2014

20 months

Micha boy, you are twenty months old.
Only four more months and you'll be a two-year-old!
I can't believe it!

Here are some of the things I want to remember about you at twenty months:

*Your love for music, especially for 'the Beatles' or 'beetus' as you call them.
You sing along phonetically to some of their songs, and it's the cutest thing ever.

*The way you greet me with your cute little voice: 'hey mama'

*Your big vocabulary, you surprise everyone with all the words you know. 
There's never a quiet moment when you're around.

*The fact that bedtime isn't a problem for you lately, you love your crib, monkey and pacifier.
I guess all of our hard work in making sure your bed feels like a safe place is paying off!

*Your mischievousness, you are definitely entering the 'terrible two's'.
You know exactly when you're doing something wrong, and even if I warn you, you go right ahead with it with the naughtiest little grin on your face.

*Your obsession with your Duplo, you're actually getting pretty good at building your own little creations. But your favorite thing to do is asking me to build a tower with windows and then stuffing all the little blocks through the windows into the tower.

*Eating most of my 'zoute haring' ( 'salted herring', a typical dutch food), and loving it!
 I haven't met many toddlers who like 'zoute haring'.
Speaking of non typical food that you love, you would gladly eat a bowl of olives!

*Your daring personality. You love climbing and sliding off the highest slides.
You always have a bump or a bruise somewhere, but almost never tears.

*The way you shout out 'Canada' whenever you see an airplane.
You have no idea what 'Canada' is yet, but in two weeks you will!
I can't wait to introduce you to my favorite country in the world and to some of my favorite people in the world who live there!

Micha, you are my favorite little buddy! I love you so much!

Love, Mama


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