Thursday, April 3, 2014



I never knew having an hour to myself would be so refreshing and so good for my soul.

Yesterday Micha spent the morning at a friends house, while I had the morning to myself.
I biked into town and strolled around, popping into stores and boutiques I normally don't go to when I have M. along. 

The weather was beautiful so I looked for a place with seats outside, to have a cup of tea. 
I found the perfect spot at the bookstore cafe and while I sat there in the sun, drinking my Jasmine tea and nibbling on a fresh croissant, I took a deep breath and felt a sense of peace wash over me.

While I adore being a mama, and love (almost) every minute I spend with my littlest man, 
I forgot how good it is to just be me, by myself,  for a bit.
For an hour I wasn't a mama passing out snacks or wiping a snotty nose, running after M. or telling him 'no, you can't get out of your stroller'. 
I wasn't doing laundry or unpacking the dishwasher.

I was just another lady, sitting in the sun, reading my magazine and drinking my tea. 
And it was good.

And while I headed back to pick up my little boy, I felt happy and excited to see him again.
I realized I don't need 'me' time to escape being his mama, 
but to be a more relaxed, happy and refreshed version of the mama who dropped him off in the morning.

I think I'll be doing this more often.

Love, Maria

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  1. You got it, lady. I never really did it when our kiddies were little, but now my Wednesday mornings are for that, and so exactly right!


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