Friday, June 14, 2013

a little bit of grace

I want to share some grace with you today. Because I know we all need it sometimes.

I don't know about you, but quite often I feel guilty for not spending more time reading the bible or praying, or just taking a minute to have some quiet time with God. 

I know I need to do it more often, but somehow, during my busy, baby-filled day, I just forget. 
And if I do remember it's usually a quick verse and a short prayer, and then it's back to doing dishes or laundry or blogging.
My life has become a lot busier than it was and when I have some alone time praying and reading the bible aren't the first things that comes to mind.

And I feel guilty about that.

But then I read this sentence in a post on Jami's blog: 
(go read her blog, she's such a genuine and godly woman, and one with a sense of humor too)

"there will be other seasons in life i'll get to study more deeply, but now is not that time."
There is just so much grace in this sentence, and I needed to read it. 
Not to ease my conscience, but to remind me that in this season of life there might be other priorities than studying the bible in-depth. 

And it's okay. 

Of course I want to live focused on God and quite frankly I need to, to be a good mama for Micha. 

But I need to give myself some grace too, and not beat myself up for not reading enough or praying enough.

Because right now my God-given priority in life is being a mama, with all the busyness and exhaustion (and all the fun stuff, of course..)  it brings. 

There will be other seasons...

Happy weekend!

Love, Maria


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog today. It meant the world to me. I LOVE this post about grace, I always need more grace. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. ...and so it is, Maria!
    Reading and studying the bible is not the only time you spend with God. Enjoying your family, trying to be a good mother to dear Micha, to be a good friend, writing your wonderful blogs, spending time with Bastiaan...those also are Godfilled times!
    Love you lots!
    Your mama

  3. ...amazing grace, how sweet the sound...that saved a wretch like you....t'was grace that brought you save thus far and grace will lead you Home!

  4. i think it is so true that there are seasons in your life and am so thankful for grace. I am trying so hard to be disciplined with reading my bible because I know once she comes my time will be spent differently and if it's not a habit now it will be hard to make it one then!

  5. I love how God keeps gently bringing each of us (and then letting us remind each other) that he is extending so much grace so much more than we imagine. Thanks for sharing



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