Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let's fly away!

Exciting things are about to happen over here! 
We're going on a trip!

But where to, you ask? 

I'll let this little video of Micha do the talking:

For those of you who don't speak Dutch, I ask him in the video: "Micha, where are we going to go to by plane?"
And, well, you heard his answer!

That's right, this late April/early May we'll be heading to Canada for two weeks.
We are so excited!


We've been wanting to visit for such a long time (especially before Micha turns two because, hello, free trip for him) but we just couldn't afford it.
But a few weeks ago we received a big tax refund that allowed the three of us to be able to make the trip. 
The refund feels like a gift from above, it really does! We're so thankful!


We'll be visiting my sister and her family and we'll probably also be spending some time with my best friend Lydia and her little family.

I just can't wait to (re-)introduce them all to Micha and spend some time with some of my favorite people in the world (who happen to live across the world).
I'm so glad I get to introduce Micha to the country I grew up in,
I hope he loves it just as much as his mama.


I already have a whole list of things I want to do/buy when we're there:

- Eat all the doughnuts at Tim Hortons
- Buy all the cute cheap zip-up pj's for my boys (I can't find them here in Holland, boo!)
- Have my birthday breakfast (May 2nd) at a pancake joint
- Hoard baking supplies and ingredients 
- Fill my suitcase with Canadian/American candy and food

(Just realized that almost everything has to do with food, I just really miss the (processed, obesity inducing, deliciously unhealthy) food!)


I'm a tiny bit nervous (read: terrified) about flying with a busy and feisty toddler like Micha is, 
and have been pinning all kinds of tips and checklists on how to keep a toddler occupied during a flight. 
But I'll just keep in mind that if he doesn't behave as we'd like him to and people have a problem with him, we'll likely never see them again anyways. 


Canada, here we come!

Love, Maria

p.s. Have you ever flown with a toddler? Any tips?


  1. Exciting!! Wish it was America!! :)

  2. Or more specifically Colorado, since it's quite large :)

  3. how exciting! and that's funny they don't have zip up pajamas!!

  4. wahoo!!!! That was the cutest video ever. We are beyond excited to spend time with the three of you - God is good!!! Let the count down begin :)

  5. Ah, so exciting!! I'm sure your family will be so happy to see you :-) and what a cute video!

  6. Hooray! We can't wait!! We are so proud of Micha that he can say "Canada" so well!
    See you soon!!!!

  7. Oh, oh, what a cutie is my grandson and what a smartypants! Traveling with toddlers? no problem! Take some books and toys and papa and mama are both traveling, so you can share! And there will be lots of people who just love him! We traveled with children of all kinds of ages and we survived!
    Love, omamaMarijke

  8. this sounds so fun and adventurous... and by the way I love that I can understand you speaking Dutch, because the words are so similar, so sweet and perfect how Mich says "Canada"!



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