Thursday, February 20, 2014

Little Baby Boy's nursery - mood board

Now that we know that baby #2 is a little boy, I've been thinking about his future nursery a lot more than before and it's a little bit overwhelming for me.
With Micha's room I had years to dream up every little detail, I actually even made sketches (!), and his nursery is still my favorite room in our home up to this day.


But for little baby boy I haven't really had a strong sense of what I want his nursery to look like.

I want it to be different than Micha's room, the littlest guy needs to feel special too, but I also want to be able to reuse some of the colorful baby gear that looked so cute in Micha's room. 
And how easy would it be if I can reuse all of the little blankets and sheets we used for Micha.

A similar look wouldn't just be practical, it's also a look that I just love so much. 
Not too gender specific, colorful, not too baby-ish, clean and fresh, just the way I like it!


So, while I haven't been making any sketches yet, I have found out that a lot of the images I've been pinning for inspiration lately, have quite a lot in common.

You could summarize the look as: white, bright, colorful, simple, Scandinavian.

image source: 1,2,3,4,5,6

We painted one wall in Micha's nursery a chevron pattern and the other walls are blue.
But this time around I think we'll leave the walls white, and maybe paint the ceiling with a fun accent like in image #5.  
An other way of bringing in color is a fun rug like in image #3.
I found the posters (image #2.) at Ikea and think they'll be an awesome starting point for the nursery.
I love the overall feeling of image #1. and the simplicity of image #7.
And of course I'll be making some cute decorations (like in image #4.) to really personalize the room.

I think I've found the look I've been looking for!

Can't wait to get started!

Love, Maria


  1. Yay! I love nursery decor!! That ceiling accent idea is fantastic! I love the cloud pillow!!

  2. yes, I would do the same colours as his big brothers room, so you can mix and match and reuse some things, but a different style, his own style. Yes, with the ceiling like that instead of the chevron pattern! It is nice to do some different things for the new baby, if you can afford it, but I really liked it that there were some things I used for all my seven babies. They are from the same family after all, brothers (and sisters).
    Have fun preparing! Love your mamaMarijke



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