Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Adam is clearly enjoying having his soother shoved upside down into his mouth ;)

Two kids. To be honest, it's not that bad!
I'm able to shower every day and even put on my make-up, I managed (or lucked into) synchronizing their naps and quiet times and most evenings there's a decent meal on the table.

But sometimes it is crazy town!
Yesterday was such a day...

It started off all nice and sweet with cuddles in bed with my boys followed by a peaceful oatmeal breakfast.
After breakfast we read some books, Micha on my lap and Adam laying on the couch next to us, the sun shone on our happy faces and all was well with the world.
After books it was time for Micha's quiet play time in his room, Adams nap, and my me-time.
I had a nice shower, read some blogs and even sewed a little present for a my friends almost-here baby girl. Things were so perfect, maybe a little too perfect...

When the hour was up I went upstairs to get Micha, and that was when it all started going down hill.
I opened the door to his room and smelled it straight away, somebody had gone #2.
I picked that certain somebody up, put him on the changing table and felt something warm and soft on his back.... Yep, poop, on his back, on his clothes, on my hands, and not that innocent yellow stuff his little brother likes to poop, but the real stuff...

At that moment I heard that Adam had woken up from his nap, and it wasn't a happy wake up, but a 'get me out out this swaddle right now' kind of wake up.
So with poop on my hands, a screaming baby in the background and a toddler who was way to interested in the stuff on his back, I had my hands full! What to do?

I quickly put M in the shower, washed my hands, gave Adam his soother to buy some time, and cleaned the mess up.

Crisis averted!

But that wasn't all for the day.

After the boys afternoon naps, I got them ready to go out for a walk to the grocery store.
I managed to stuff M's chubby toddler feet into his shoes, put his coat on and let him play while I got A. ready.

The moment I had Adam in his car seat and ready to go I heard a crash followed by a wail and I rushed into the living room to see what had happened.
Micha had fallen of the rocking chair and already the blood was pouring out of his nose.
I grabbed a cloth to clean him up, but he was not having it!

He pushed my hands away and started rubbing the blood ALL.OVER.HIS.FACE, in an attempt to wipe the blood away. Blood everywhere!
And again, Adam starts fussing in the car seat, I had an upset and very bloody toddler to wrangle into the kitchen, without getting to much blood on myself, which of course was impossible.
I had my hands full!

A half an hour later we were finally out the door, me all sweaty and with blood on my clothes, Micha's nose scratched and red, but luckily a sleeping Adam.
So I guess it wasn't all that bad, haha!

It was quite the day! Crazy, disastrous, but also pretty hilarious!
You bet I had a big glass of wine that evening!
 (After breastfeeding Adam of course, I'm not a totally incompetent parent) :) 

Have you had any disaster-filled days lately?

Love, Maria


  1. OH.MY.WORD. that sounds Hectic!!! I got a knot in my tummy just reading about your day!! :)
    Kim from South Africa.
    PS: Ive been wanting to ask you - the little school I run is doing an International Food evening and 'I'm doing "Holland", but only sweet treats. You often seem to be cooking up such delicious Dutch things and was wondering if you could give me a few ideas? Even just what to google would help?? Thank you x

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      That sound like a fun thing to organize! You could maybe look up the recipe for 'stroopwafels' (caramel waffles) or 'poffertjes' (mini pancakes usually served with syrup and powdered sugar).
      Good luck!



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