Tuesday, January 29, 2013

26 weeks - 6 months old!!

Happy half Birthday to you, Happy half Birthday to you, Happy half Birthday dear Micha, Happy half Birthday to yoooouuu!!

Wow, baby boy, you are 26 weeks old and officially that makes you a half year old! 

I'm not sure if we should celebrate today or on the 31st, the date of your birth in July. I'm always confused on how to count your months seeing as not every month has a 31st.

You know what, we'll just celebrate today ánd on the 31st!

^ ^ ^ ^

These last six months with you have been such an awesome ride. 

the day my water broke

You arrived exactly on your due date on the last day of June. I was certain you'd be at least a week late so I had planned to do a lot of last minute things before your arrival, but you wouldn't have it!

My water broke on a Sunday evening and all of the Monday after that I was waiting for contractions, but they just wouldn't come. I guess you really wanted to be punctual. 

Finally on Monday night they started and on Tuesday morning at 8.47 we saw your sweet, sweet face for the first time. You made me work for it, buddy!

We had to stay in the hospital for two days and on Thursday we finally got to take you home. 

a few minutes old

my two favorite men at home!

^ ^ ^ ^

The first few weeks were so surreal, there we were, two inexperienced parents and a new born baby. What were we to do? 

Luckily we had a lot of help in the first week and when you were a week old your Auntie Alice came and helped out.

meeting your auntie Alice for the first time

But then, when you were three weeks old, all the helpers were gone, 
and we had to figure things out on our own.

^ ^ ^ ^

The only way we could get you to sleep for the first six weeks was rocking and holding you and you spent a lot of days and evenings on your papa's lap while he was watching the Olympics and the Tour de France.

Papa & son bonding time

After a while we got the hang of things and you started sleeping better, although you still wake up twice to nurse every night.

^ ^ ^ ^ 

You grew like crazy, and at every check up the doctor would exclaim how big you were, that's all your Mama's doing with her creamy milk! :)

milk coma's are the best!

Speaking of milk, breastfeeding you wasn't always easy, and still isn't, you're such a squirmy little thing!

^ ^ ^ ^

When you were sixteen weeks old you went to the hospital for a hernia operation, we didn't like it one bit, but you handled it like a champ!

cuddles after surgery

^ ^ ^ ^

We loved celebrating Christmas with you for the first time, what a special time that was! I even made you your own ornament to hang in the tree. 

first Christmas

^ ^ ^ ^

You've learned so many things in these short six months,  from rolling over, to sitting up, eating food, and laughing at our jokes. 

first food

mr. smiley

We can't wait to see what the next six months will bring!

We love you so much, Micha!

Love, Mama and Papa


  1. Happy half year Micha!! xxxxx

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You so is Adorable! I'm so jealous you are living in Holland! I grew up in Sweden (and we studied abroad there as a family in 2009) and now we are trying to find a way to move back or really anywhere else in Europe!

    1. Come to Holland, it's fun here! :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Happy half birthday, Micha! After my babies, you are definitely the cutest in all the world :-). We all love seeing your photos whenever there are new ones posted. And we love your parents too!! You're blessed to have such good ones.

    1. :) Love you too, auntie Alice!

  4. Yes, also a very happy halfyearbirthday, Micha! God bless you and your papa and mama!
    Lots of love and kisses, omaMarijke

  5. Cute little guy :) I think 6 mos was one of my favorites!




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