Thursday, January 24, 2013

Little Sis

I grew up in a big family. There were seven kids, three older brothers, two older sisters, me 
and then my little sister, Hannah. 

Hannah and I have an age difference of  a year and a half, 
and as the two youngest girls we have always been together. 

Our bond is so special. 

(Not saying that my bond with my other siblings is less special, but today it's about Hannah.)

Doesn't Hannah (the blond one) look so much like Micha here?

Sister love!

We were each others playmates and allies against our older siblings. 

Our names would merge into one 'Maria-n-annah' when we were called in for dinner. I remember rebelling against that when I was a teenager.

We shared a room until our older siblings were leaving home and leaving their rooms for us to take over. We would sneak into each others room at night in the beginning because we couldn't stand sleeping alone!

Our bedtimes, toys and friends were shared, whether we liked it or not. 

Our mom dressed us in the same clothes, but always giving us a different color. For instance, Hannah would wear a pink shirt with blue shorts and I would be wearing a blue shirt with pink shorts. 
We looked adorable!

Bedtime prayers with mama

And when we would move to another city or country there was always a friend who would be there for us.

There were times that we would be adjoined at the hip, but also times we would fight like cats and dogs  
(probably about 'borrowed' clothing).

But our bond was unbreakable.

We were so lucky to have each other.

Best buds

Our teen years

And now that we're grown women our bond is still so strong. We both have our own lives, so different, but there's always room for each other. 

My wedding in 2006
Isn't she a stunner?

Shady ladies

And I'm so proud of Hannah, since she was a little girl she has wanted to be an archaeologist. We would be flipping through the pages of our huge pile of National Geographic magazines and she would point out to me, 'Look, this is what I want to do'. 

Few people can say that they're doing what they've wanted to do as a young child, especially if it's something as special as being an archaeologist, but Hannah can. 

And not only has she followed her dream and made it her passion, she's doing a fine job at it as well!

She specializes in Near Eastern archaeology and has been to digs in Syria and Jordan with her pink painted trowel.  

And she's able to look good at doing the dirty work as well! 
Not only brains, but also looks!

Pretty archaeologist

But I'm not only proud because of what she's achieved, I'm proud of who she is. She is a sweet, strong, beautiful (in and out) and patient woman, and she loves Jesus! 

I am so lucky to have you as a sister, Hannah!


I love you to bits!

Love, Maria

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  1. What an honor, a whole blog post about me&you!
    Love you too sister! We do have a special bond:)!!

  2. Awww, love this piece, Maria! Very, very special! Tante Coosje

  3. love this. I will forever remember your guys at the age when you are doing your prayers - is that Koala you are holding? You are so blessed to share such a special sister bond. xo

    1. Yep, that's Koala, don't know what happened to him though!

    2. no Maria, it is an elephant!

    3. Yeah just checked, it is elephant! No idea where he went either! :)

    4. Evelene says she still has it.

  4. Maria, you made me cry, but very thankful tears! I remember those times, days, years.... and I am very happy about how both of you are becoming, also! Strong, christian women! I thank the Lord for that!
    I am so happy with all my daughters, you, Hannah, Evelene, Alice and also very proud and happy with my sons, Alwin, Ian and Maarten! I am a very thankful mother! Love all of you! Kusjes, Mamamarijke

  5. sisters are such a blessing! my sister is my best friend and I am SO thankful for her! thank you so much for your comment too - (not tmi at all!) that is the same way I felt and am thankful I am feeling less nervous as I get farther along. I think once I feel the baby move I'll feel a lot better. thanks for your prayers!

    1. You're welcome! So great that you're feeling less nervous!!



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