Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love story - Chapter 2: Together again

In celebration of Valentines Day this week (today!) I thought it would be fun to share our love story.
It's pretty long so I've split it up in three chapters. Chapter I yesterday, II today and III tomorrow.

                                            ^ ^ ^ ^

                                       Chapter II: Together again

Two summers had passed since we first met, dated and broken up, and now I had finally accepted that I was still in love with him.
But I had led him on and then rejected him time after time and it would be more than logical that he was done with me. 

He wasn't.

                                            ^ ^ ^ ^

It was the end of the summer holidays and a mutual friend of ours was celebrating her birthday. We were friends again, but both secretly hoping it would someday become more than that, and decided to go together.

                                            ^ ^ ^ ^

A few weeks prior we had been talking after bible study and had asked me, for the third time, if there was any chance we could hook up again. 
I was just starting to realize my feelings for him and was pretty confused about the whole situation and I replied: 'maybe, but maybe not'. 
Isn't that horrible? Make up your mind, Maria!

                                            ^ ^ ^ ^

On our way to the party we got lost and had so much fun that by time we arrived at the party we were full on flirting.
After a few drinks, beer for him and wine for me, ( we live in Holland remember, drinking alcohol is legal for sixteen-year-olds, not sure how smart that is... ) we headed inside and found a couch to sit on.
There B. reminded me of the conversation we had had that evening after bible study and asked me how I thought about 'us' now. 
I probably said something he liked because the next thing I knew he asked if he could kiss me. 

Yes! Yes, that was what I wanted, and feeling brave as ever (and maybe because of the wine) I leaned over and kissed him, and told him that I loved him.

                                             ^ ^ ^ ^

Over the next few months we spent every single waking hour together. When we weren't at home, at work or at school we were with each other.
The months turned into years and we were going strong. Not only were we in love, but we were each others best friends. 

What we had was good, really, really good.



And then during another summer, almost two years later, I did a very stupid thing that would almost be the end of 'us'....

                                              ^ ^ ^ ^

Stay tuned! Tomorrow Chapter 3: our 'happily ever after'

Happy Valentines Day, 

hope you get to spend it with those you love!

                                                Love, Maria


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