Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Yesterday evening at bible study we were discussing discipleship, and the question arose: 'Who are you discipling/mentoring?'
Some of us had searched for someone to mentor, others had people come across their paths, and I straight away thought of Micha. 

It is so clear to me that he is the one I need to be discipling right now. When we baptized him we made a promise that we would raise him in a God-filled family, and it is what I vowed to God I would do if he would give me a child.

Micha's baptism. September 2, 2012

At the moment Micha is too young to understand much. I read him bible stories before he goes to bed, but to him I could just as well be reading dr. Seuss.  

I also pray for him, and I pray with him. 
And when I pray with him it's not just a bedtime song, but we pray all throughout the day, we thank God for what he gives us, like food and health, I ask God to watch over Micha and fill him with His peace and love. 

I pray out loud so that Micha can hear what I'm saying, and even though he giggles at me when I pray and doesn't understand the importance of what we're doing, I hope that some day he will understand. 
And when that day comes I hope that praying will be his second nature. 

I want him to know that praying isn't just something we do before we eat a meal or go to bed or when we're in church, but that it is something he can do constantly and that he can pray about anything. 

Nothing is to small or to big for God.

I want him to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

^ ^ ^ ^

I also want Micha to see me praying too, I want him to know that his Mama loves Jesus as well and has a personal relationship with Him. 
And that's why I love what Emily wrote a few days ago, it was so eye opening to me:

" a friend mentioned something about how having our 

quiet times in the morning is great for us, but if that is the only time we ever read our bibles, then our children will never see us in the word. i don't want my kids to look back and have to wrack their brain to figure out when it was that i actually read the bible. so, if that is your time to be with the lord as well, make sure they know we read the it with them throughout the day. memorize scripture together. whatever it is that works for y'all. "

Isn't that so true? I love it!

My prayer is that God will give us strength to raise Micha to know Him and accept Jesus as his savior, we will definitely need it!

Love, Maria


  1. You understand it Maria! That is discipleship! Teaching the little children right from the start about live with their God. A little disciple being taught by a disciple with experience! Parents and their children, of course all the people being placed on your path to share your experiences with.But as parents the children are your first responsability to discipline! I will pray for you to do that! Love, your MamaMarijke

    1. You taught me well!
      And yes, prayer is much needed! Love you mama!

  2. MamaMarijke is right in every way, Maria! And the Bible is clear on that as well. Take Psalm 71: 6 'From my birth I have relied on you; you brought me forth from my mother’s womb. I will ever praise you.' The word translated with 'relied' means 'put faith in, to trust'. Apparently the writer learned, already as a baby in his mother's arms, what it meant to be safe with God. And what does he say, verse 17 and 18? 'Since my youth, O God, YOU have taught me (you could also translate: 'you have discipled me'), and to this day I declare your marvellous deeds. Even when I am old and grey, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come.' Discipleship doesn't begin when someone becomes an adult. It is there from the beginning, if someone is born and brought up in a family of faith. That is why the christian church, from its earliest days, has applied the discipling sign of baptism to the whole family, including its children. Love you lots, PapaJoe!

    1. Love this papa! I was too lazy to look up all the bible texts referring to this! :) So thanks!

  3. So true, Maria! And fun to know that your Bible study group was talking about the same thing as ours :-). Love you.

    1. Haha, that's cool! love you too!

  4. Wat mooi! Je bent een voorbeeld van een mooie moeder voor mij! Een moeder die haar kind geeft waar z'n hart (onbewust) naar verlangt!

    (ik reageer gewoon in het Nederlands, heb wat moeite met het schrijven in het Engels..)

    1. Bedankt! Ik probeer het met vallen en opstaan!



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