Thursday, July 11, 2013

On breastfeeding

In a few short weeks Micha will be a year old, and I will be celebrating my one year breastfeeding anniversary. 
Before Micha was born I planned on nursing him for at least a year.
I thought it would be so easy and natural and 'why don't all mothers do this?' 
And yes, almost a year later, I'm still nursing Micha, 
but I can't say it was easy and I totally get why other mama's choose to quit. 

^ ^ ^ ^

This is my recap of a year of breastfeeding my baby.

Day 1: 
Wow, this is going so well. 
He's latching on like a natural and it doesn't hurt at all. 
I knew it would be easy...

Day 2:  
*%#$!!!! Does he have teeth or something? 
Is it supposed to hurt this much?
This is kind of hard...

Week 3: 
He's doing really great, growing like a weed, but I feel like a milk machine. 
I have other talents too, you know...

Month: 2: 
I'm so proud of my body for providing nutrition for my little guy, 
but why is he so squirmy and distracted while he nurses, isn't he enjoying it?

Month 4: 
It's so hard sometimes, but so beautiful.

Month 7: 
I'm not sure how long I can still do this, I'm about to give up...

Month 8: 
Wait a minute, am I actually enjoying this?

Month 10: 
I am, I am enjoying this! Nursing finally isn't a struggle anymore!

Nursing Micha those three times a day are now my favorite moments with him. 
We sit together and I stroke his hair or sing him a song without him getting distracted. 
He twirls his hair or plays with my shirt. 
And instead of looking forward to weaning him, I'm actually dreading it.
I'm finally enjoying breastfeeding and I don't want it to stop anytime soon!

^ ^ ^ ^

Our breastfeeding journey has been one with ups and many downs. 
It wasn't as easy or peaceful as I imagined it to be.
But I'm so glad I've made it this far.

I'm so thankful for a supportive husband by my side who cheered me on and cheered me up when I thought I couldn't do it anymore.

If there's one breastfeeding tip I would want to share with a future mama it's this: 
Make sure you have support, whether it's your husband or best friend or mother. 
Get support, it will be so valuable. 

Any other breastfeeding mama's out there? How was/is your experience? 
Do share!

Love, Maria


  1. me! oh man - i LOVED nursing my babies!!! my second one weened himself at 13 months and i cried. he refused to nurse - and moved on to total table foods. such a special time though! enjoy it while it lasts!!! you're a good momma! XO

    1. I'm so glad I'm enjoying it now! yay!

  2. Hey little sis!

    What's not to love about it? Aah, but with every child I breastfed I had my troubles.. Think you've got the hang of it and the next babe just proves you wrong.

    Babe 1: fed every three hours till he was 6 months old. And then babe 2 was on the way so I stopped at 9 months. My body just couldn't do it two at the same time..

    Babe 2: The worst thing was the way she latched, it took a month before my nipples healed. Thanks to the wise advice of a bigger sister the excruciating pain ended and the us time started. She wouldn't let me read a book while feeding at all! And you know me, I can't just sit and do nothing... Babe 2 really taught me how to just sit quietly for twenty minutes, soemthing I would never have learnt on my own.
    When she fed less after 6 months, that's when the real fun began. A bit over a year and she wasn't interested anymore.

    Babe 3: As I worked nights and evening it was awesome that everything went perfectly. When I was gone Arjan gave my pumped milk, and so I got to stay away for longer periods at a time.
    When I tried solids at 6 months she refused, but a month later the relaxing time started as I wasn't the sole food source anymore. Just babe and me time 3 times a day... The older kids knew not to disturb.
    Babe 3 also weaned herself at about 13 months. It does end, you know.. :(

    But there's a lot of new things to enjoy, and a whole new world opens up.

    Enjoy it, sweet sister of mine! Love you, x

    1. Every baby is different hey? I wonder how our next (if/when) baby will be!

      Love you too, sis!

  3. i'm excited for breastfeeding but also nervous too!

    1. Even thought it was hard sometimes, it was such a good thing to do!
      Don't be to hard on yourself and you'll do just fine!
      Almost there, Katie! Eek, so excited for you!

  4. It´s always fun to speak with other mamas about their breatfeeding experiences and especially expectations before...I like your monthly monolog:)! I formyself always thought it will go the normal routine... if I can nurse until 6 months would be fine and maybe wean around 12 months... but I never thought I will be a hippie mum still nursing the child with 2? Indeed that happend, because Emmi liked nursing a lot and was slow with solids I still nurse her with age of 2, in the evenings. And it doesn`t feel awkward...I´m still quite ok.with it...maybe not until three...lets see:); I guess it always depends on the needs of the different children, even in one family the children can be totally different, so this will always maybe stay quite an adventure, a good one:)...

    1. I LOVE that you still nurse Emmi, I hope I'll be a hippie mama just like you!

  5. ...and so it is, every baby nurses differently. The same mum, the same breasts. I am glad I tried every 7 times again. One baby longer than the other, but that is o.k.!
    It is the best start for the baby and for the mother, when you can do it!
    Love you, Maria! Just see how it will work out and go with the flow!
    Your mama

    1. 'Just go with the flow', good advice mama!
      Love you!



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