Thursday, October 17, 2013

baby in the corner

One night, during my pregnancy with a very active (keeping me awake with his kicking) baby, I declared to B.: 'This one is going to be a handful!' 
And I was right. 

From the moment he was born with a loud cry to this very day he has been so full of energy and has such a feisty personality, and while I love him to bits, he can be quite a handful sometimes.


To be clear, I wouldn't want him to be any other way. 
I love his big emotions and his cheeky demeanor and I know he'll do well in life because he knows what he wants. 
He is so outgoing and most of the time a happy and fun little boy to have around.

But with a character like his, it also means that disciplining him starts early.
And that, my friends, is pretty hard.


He loves to test his boundaries. 
When he knows he's doing something he's not supposed to be doing, he turns to me with a big grin on his face, and while saying 'no-no', he does it anyways. Yeah. 
If I say 'no' he just laughs and continues on being a rascal. 
He can throw the best tantrums I have seen yet and doesn't want to do anything he doesn't feel like doing. 
(Uh, buddy, mama needs to change your diaper and brush your teeth once in a while. Okay?)

So lately, if he's being naughty, and doesn't respond to my warnings I put him in his high chair in the corner. Sometimes he thinks it's the most hilarious thing ever, but lately he's starting to realize that it's not so great. Corners are boring.


But that's really all I have in the disciplining department so far, eek! 
I don't like to raise my voice to him and spanking is just not my thing.

I desperately need to do some more research on how to discipline a one-year-old. 
Any experienced mama's out there who want to tell me their tips and tricks? Feel free to share!

But, oh, how I love being this little bear's mama:

Love, Maria


  1. Ha - the eternal question :-). The only answer I have is, whatever rules you set, be consistent. Love you, and I can hardly believe Micha can be naughty ;-).

  2. Yes, be consistent, mama and papa's 'no' is 'no'!
    Don't smile or let him know even the slightest that it is funny when he does something naughty and praise hime extra and give him positive attention when is is being a good boy.
    Ignore it as best as possible when he is being cheeky/naughty!
    Ach Maria, you were the same at that age and see what came of you! A beautiful, sweet, caring, christian woman! Just be patience and do your best and all will be well!
    Lots of love and kisses and an extra big hug for the little rascal!

  3. I am no help, but K is doing the same thing. Cheeky Babies. Hadn't thought about putting her in time out in her high chair! Good idea!



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