Tuesday, October 8, 2013

our weekend // B.'s birthday

on B.'s birthday last year, I totally forgot to make photo's this year, oops...

On Sunday it was B's birthday, twenty-eight years old. 
(Yes, I'm six months older than my husband, what a cougar huh? )

He doesn't shop much for clothes and he desperately needed some new shoes, 
so on Saturday I took him out shopping for some new duds, as a birthday present. 
(a mans birthday dream I tell ya, ha!).

As a real Dutchie he hates paying full price for anything, and is always looking for a discount. 
Of course all the sales had just ended and we couldn't find anything in his unrealistic price range. 
I kept saying that it was his present and he didn't have to pay attention to prices, 
but the man is hard headed. 
On top of that we had Micha along who had decided to sleep in that morning (yay) but as a result hadn't had his morning nap (not so yay), and he was getting tired and grumpy and already had eaten both of his little boxes of raisins.
We finally headed home with a sweater, two white t-shirts and three bad moods.
It was a fun afternoon. (no, no it was not.)

^ ^ ^ ^

But after a nap(Micha), a successful shopping trip (B.) and baking birthday cakes (me) all of the bad moods had turned to good ones and that evening we had a blast having friends over for B.'s birthday. 
For the first time since pregnancy and baby I had more than two glasses of wine and went to bed at 2 a.m., you bet that I felt that the next morning. 
But being B.'s birthday and all I let him sleep in while I cleaned up the mess from the night before, 
wrapped presents, set the table for a special birthday breakfast, 
and tried to keep Micha quiet and entertained.

After breakfast we enjoyed a lovely, peaceful Sunday, with a beautiful church service, 
a long nap (all three of us) and a bike ride in the warm October sun. 

At the end of the day, while watching Breaking Bad (we're almost done!!!)
B. told me how lucky and spoiled and loved he felt. 

B., Happy Birthday my love! 
You are the very best husband and papa we could ever wish for. 
You are a handsome man, you are a good man, and above all you are a man of God.
I love you for ever and ever!

Love, Maria

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  1. A very busy weekend, but you are blessed with your man! And congratulations to him from me, his mother in law.



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