Thursday, November 21, 2013

little jokes

One of my favorite things about Micha is his sense of humor, and his happy personality. 
He loves acting silly and we have our own little running jokes in this home. 

Some of my favorites:

- Before mealtimes we always sing a prayer and we usually ask him if he can sing along with us to which he replies by humming and raising his eyebrows and then laughing out loud.

- Every morning when I go to get the little mister from his crib, he covers his eyes, shakes his head and grumbles the moment I turn on the lights but then greets me with a big goofy grin.

- He's such a little actor, whenever I ask him if he's sad he fake cries, and then when I ask him a second later if he's happy he fake laughs.

-He loves giving himself big sloppy kisses in the mirror and then laughing at his reflection.

-His favorite game is to put toys in silly places and watch for our reaction. 
This morning, while we were eating fruit, he decided to give Pooh a bath in a glass of water and threw some chunks of apple in for good measure. And all the while looking at me with a side eye and a grin on his face.

Sometimes his jokes are a little cheeky, and laughing isn't probably the best thing, but I just can't help myself most of the time.

I just think he is the funniest little dude ever.

I love him so much!

Love, Maria


  1. Can't wait it visit him! Lots of love, his oma

  2. He's so stinking cute! I want to hear him hum a prayer! That's got to be cutest thing ever


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