Friday, November 15, 2013

saturday morning breakfast

Hurray, it's almost the weekend! 

One of my favorite things about our weekends is our Saturday morning breakfast. 
Ever since I was little we would have a special breakfast on Saturday morning. 
Usually it would be pancakes or waffles, of course with bacon and eggs and all the works.
I remember waking up at dawn and rushing downstairs to help my dad. 
He taught me the golden rule of pancake baking: 
they're ready to flip once the bubbles stop popping
When I was older and felt the need to sleep in, the delicious smell of pancakes and bacon wafting into my bedroom would have me up and ready in no time.

How different is the the (lack of) breakfast culture here in Holland
(it's one of my biggest pet peeves about this little country.) 
For most Dutch breakfast is never a big deal, most people just eat a sandwich with cheese or jam, or if they're feeling adventurous a bowl of cereal, probably muesli. 
Maybe on Christmas morning or Easter the Dutch will treat themselves to a special breakfast of buns and croissants and feel all luxurious. 
note: these are tongue-in-cheek comments and probably quite generalizing.

But that's not hoe we roll at all. 
I'm so glad B. has embraced my Canadian big breakfast loving side and it seems like Micha is loving our tradition too. 

Big breakfasts are the way to go!

These recipes look perfect for a Saturday morning breakfast:
One Hour Cinnamon Rolls
Buttermilk Yogurt Pancakes
Monkey Bread 
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

What's your favorite breakfast food?

Love, Maria

Happy Weekend!


  1. oooh, I am looking forward to having breakfast with you and papa soon again!!! Yam ,yam!!!
    Love, mamaMarijke

  2. I've made pumpkin pancakes twice this week! Josephine loves them, and it gives me an excuse to eat pancakes during the week ;) Those cinnamon rolls look divine! xx

  3. yes,yes, yes!!!... sometimes we just make brunch, having a looong breakfast morning and flipping lunch, also one of my favorite weekend parts!

  4. Cinnamon roll pancakes - have to try that.
    Although we haven't had much energy for special breakfasts on Saturday for a while :-(.


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