Wednesday, March 19, 2014

flying with a toddler

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Exactly a month from today we'll being flying over continents and oceans on our way to Canada!

We haven't done much prepping yet, other than booking the tickets.
And so we still have a bunch of things to do before we can leave, 
including getting a passport for Micha and renewing B.'s passport,
getting a visa waiver for our layover in Washington (why must you be so difficult America?),
writing a list of things we need to get when we're in Canada,
finding little gifts for my family and friends in Canada,

and, most importantly, coming up with a plan to keep Micha happy during the trip.


I'm mildly freaking out about that last bit.
How are we ever going to keep Micha entertained and happy for an eleven hour trip?
I'm pretty happy we have some layovers, a one and a half hour one on the way there, 
and a six(!) hour one on the way back. 
It'll make our trip longer, but we'll have some time to stretch our legs and lose some energy. 
But we still have that long eight hour flight to make with an energetic toddler. Eek!


So, as any good (or freaked out) parent would do, I've been researching and pinning all the 'traveling with toddlers' tips and tricks and have found a few good ideas:  
(check my 'travel' board on Pinterest here)

1. Bring enough snacks to feed a small army. These snack containers seem perfect for toddlers. 
Also, I'll be bringing lots of fruit pouches.

2. Buy a bunch of cheap toys and games, (cars, stickers, farm animals etc.) wrap them all individually, and hand them out every hour or so, still wrapped, that's half the fun for a toddler!

3. Bring some favorite books and read, read, read. (I'm  pretty confident this will work quite well for Micha, he loves being read to.)

4. Use technology! We don't have an I-Pad sadly enough, but I will be downloading some toddler-friendly games and videos on my phone.

5. Bribe your fellow passengers with a thoughtful gift, I really like this idea.

6. Don't forget to bring your toddlers 'comforters' along: pacifier, stuffed animal, blankie.

7. Keep your destination in mind. Even if everything goes wrong: angry toddler, annoyed passengers, desperate parents, it's all about the destination. 
Canada! My sister! My bestie!

Traveling with a toddler? 
Bring. it. on!

P.S. how cute is this passport photo of Micha? 
He's going to have the cutest passport in the history of passports!

Love, Maria

Please share any tips you have on flying with a toddler! Much appreciated!


  1. Tip from your big sister, who's traveled which more than one toddler at a time :-) - don't take too much stuff. You have to carry it. You can handle hours of flying if you know the walking in the airport is going to be fun. Don't. Take. So. Much. Some flat and light surprises. A few snacks in ziplocs. And your undivided attention. Forget the presents for others - cute idea, but a waste of space. Micha's sweet smile will be plenty. And if he's not smiling, just avoid eye contact with your fellow passengers - you'll probably never see them again.

    1. Of course I meant "forget the presents for other passengers". - take lots of presents in your checked luggage - for us :-).

    2. Totally planning on avoiding eye contact is things go bad, hehe! :)
      Good advice, sis!

  2. I was DREADING the short flight to Disneyworld with Katherine, but both ways, my usually totally uncuddley child fell sound asleep on my chest for almost the entire flight. We intentionally sat where Rob said the engine would be the loudest (near the wings? I think?) I think it was the perfect amount of white noise.
    If we were doing a longer flight I'd pack ALL THE SNACKS. And feed her all the chocolate she wanted. ;)



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