Thursday, April 4, 2013

For the soon-to-be or new mama...

I don't know about you other mama's out there, 
but I had quite a hard time getting used to my changed body after Micha was born. 

It was hard to see my body look so different from what it had looked like before I got pregnant, 
but my perspective has changed. 

While I still sometimes dislike what I see in the mirror I'm learning to embrace 
and love my body and the changes it's gone through. 

I probably shouldn't post such a compromising photo of myself online, but this is what you look like a few days after giving birth: big tata's, swollen belly and greasy unwashed hair :)

That is why I was struck by Katie's post in which she shared her insecurities about her changing body.
(She is 25 weeks pregnant and beautifully so and has the cutest blog, go check it out!)
 I know that there are other soon-to-be mama's and new mama's who are having issues with their changing or changed body too. 

^ ^ ^ ^

This letter is for you:

Dear soon-to-be or new mama,

Congratulations with your baby! What a huge blessing, even though it doesn't always feel that way ;) 
(swollen feet or sleepless nights anyone?)

Maybe you loved being pregnant, maybe you hated it. Maybe you felt beautiful in your pregnant body or you felt big and uncomfortable. But one thing is certain, your body has changed.

You probably first noticed something changing right at the beginning of your pregnancy, your breasts became sensitive and bigger, that last bit was kind of fun :)! 
And pretty soon after that you noticed your belly getting bigger and rounder. Maybe you even got a nice brown stripe from your belly button down to your you-know-what.

I loved my pregnant body and really enjoyed being pregnant, but once in a while I would look in the mirror and hardly recognize myself. 
I wondered if I would ever get back that flat stomach I had before and that made me feel selfish and ungrateful: Who was I to have these feelings? I should be happy to even be pregnant. 

Maybe you feel the same way too sometimes. It's okay and totally normal, 
and definitely not selfish or ungrateful.

After Micha was born, I was shocked to see how giving birth had affected my body.
My belly was still swollen and flabby. 
What? It doesn't pop right back after the baby's out? 
No, no it does not. 
It's a whole lot flatter now, but there's still some flab.

>Fun fact: my mom told me that she had brought her tight jeans to the hospital when she was in labor with my oldest brother, she really thought she'd be able to fit them. She had to send my dad home to pick up a pair of larger ones. I learned from that mistake, haha!<

My breasts were huge and engorged at first, 
but definitely not those sexy Dolly Parton boobs. 
They were just big and good for one thing: breastfeeding. 
And then they became small and saggy and had stretch marks all over.

My hair fell out in clumps when Micha was about 4 months, 
I seriously thought I was going bald. 
And now I have these fun little short new hairs sticking out of my head, 
making any hair-do impossible.

I felt so uncomfortable showing my body to my husband. 
I just didn't feel beautiful anymore. 
Even though he kept telling me how attractive and beautiful I was.

Maybe you recognize this, or maybe you fear this. You are not alone.

My body had changed and I needed to accept it. 
There was one thing that really helped me to do so. 
The realization what an awesome thing my body had done:   growing my sweet baby boy. 
I realized I needed to give myself and my body some grace and embrace the changes. 

Your body has carried your newborn for nine months. 
It has kept your baby safe and fed and alive. 
And once your baby's born, it keeps on doing just that. 
And it needed to change to do so.

So love your body, treat it with respect, feed it well and keep it fit.
If you're breastfeeding your baby, that will work miracles for losing your baby weight, that I promise you.
Go for nice long walks with your baby, good for baby, good for mama.

^ ^ ^ ^

And when you see those stretch marks, that flabby belly 
or short little new hairs sticking out of your head, just remember:

My body did an awesome thing!

And you will get your body back in due time. 
Changed? Yes.
But just as you!

Micha, 4 days old. I'd do it all over again!

And that cute little baby you're holding is quite a nice reward as well, amiright?

Love, Maria

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  1. amen! love this post - all of this is so true! I often have to remind myself to love my body and be thankful for those changes (as hard as that can be;)). xo

  2. I guess we should really start believing our husbands, hey ;-)?
    Love you.

    1. I guess they're worth listening too once in a while ;)..

  3. Im new to your site and have just "popped" in, due to the post u did for 'domestic wannabe'- im not a blogger, just someone who is keen to start the journey of mother hood (im 35) and was bombarded with fears of it all since getting married! a friend introduced me to Arthur Burke's "nurture in the womb" series, and ive read "supernatural pregnancy" all which have helped to get over most of those concerns and focus on the real joy of pregnancy! however, it is inevitable my body will change, and I am SO glad to see how many other woman go thru the same feelings! I think you look absolutely gorgeous, but I know that only we know how and when we feel our best! God also said to me one day: 'stop worrying about what is temporary- your children will be your legacy and inheritance!' now if that isn't all worth it, I wonder what would?!! Thank you so much for encouraging me that im not alone in all these thoughts. keep up your great blog! Kim from South Africa

    1. Hi Kim,
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment, it means so much to me that you took time to do so.
      What an awesome truth that is: 'stop worrying about what is temporary- your children will be your legacy and inheritance!', beautiful!
      Wishing you a blessed journey to motherhood.

      Thanks for stopping by,
      xo Maria

  4. what a sweet post!!! many greetings and happy weekend!

  5. Love this post - found you through Casey's blog! I am struggling with my post pregnancy body image - 8 months after I had my baby! While I am working on it, I know it's temporary (hopefully), and I know that it was TOTALLY worth it - it is still hard. Thank you for your post! Brightened my Friday!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. And yes, it is really hard! I'm definitely not always happy with my body.
      It means the world to me that I brightened your Friday!

  6. So lovely!! You have a beautiful heart. And your little one is adorable. I just found your precious blog through Casey's linkup - excited to follow ya via GFC and read more :)



    1. Thank you so much for following, welcome!



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