Friday, December 6, 2013

16 months and a Christmas Tree

'No time for a photo, Mama! I need to touch that tree!'

It's a little annoying to have a birthday on the 31st of a month like you do,  Micha,
because that makes it hard for me to count exactly how many months you are.
So, somewhere last week you turned 16 months.

A few highlights of this past month: 

- You learned to dance. You already swayed to the music whenever you heard some, 
but since this month you've learned to make foot movements too. You are the cutest little dancer!


- Your vocabulary is getting bigger and better by the day. 
It seems like you are learning a new word every day.
Your papa and I need to make a video of you saying all your words soon!


- You experienced your first Sinterklaas* arrival (the moment Sinterklaas arrives in Holland, a few weeks before his big night), and tonight we're opening Sinterklaas presents with friends. 
A day late, but hopefully just as fun!
* Sinterklaas is a typical Dutch winter celebration similar to secular ( Santa Claus etc.) Christmas. 


- We had a photo shoot for our Christmas card, you did pretty well! 

both photo's made by Hans en Lidy Fotografie


- Last year you loved the Christmas tree, probably because all of the twinkly lights, but this morning when we came downstairs you were in complete awe! 
You even did a little jiggly dance when you saw it. 
You pointed to the lights and I showed you all the the ornaments. 
You especially like the little birds on the tree, just like I do!

The tree is a bit top heavy, and on the bottom we hung only the unbreakable ornaments, but so far you are pretty gentle with the tree and only touch the ornaments with one little finger to make them sway.


I can't wait to experience this coming magical month with you! 

Love, Mama


I made the polka dot garland on the branch hanging in front of the window and wrapped around the Christmas tree. 
It was so simple, not even worth a tutorial. 
Just cut out different sized circles from double sided printed paper (choose thick paper), sew them
together and voila! Done!


  1. Happy sixteenmonths little grandson!
    And we saw you dance and sing and talk and even read (in your own way)! And we even cuddled together!
    Love you lots little, big boy!
    Kisses, your omaMarijke

  2. love your fam pics, such a cute and already big boy Micha is, love his boyish haircut by the way:)...and I spied your pretty decorated branch :)


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