Thursday, December 5, 2013

it's going to be a colorful christmas

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We're finally putting up our Christmas tree this evening, and I'm so excited! 
I love everything about Christmas, but the tree is by far my favorite. 

Well, Jesus is actually my favorite part about Christmas, but the tree definitely comes second. 
Or is it the food? Hmm..
Anyways, I love a good Christmas tree!


We have a fake one we purchased when we just got married and so far it's holding up perfectly.
Although I love the smell of a real Christmas tree, a fake one is good for us because, hello, no shedding! 
It's easier on the wallet in the long run, and real trees never look as perky and symmetric as a faker. :)


We've decorated the tree pretty much the same since we've had it, 
but this year I decided it needed a make over. 
I've been pinning photo's of colorful trees and garlands, 
and that is exactly the direction I'm taking our tree this year! 
Color, color and more color!

I found the most perfect hand painted ornaments and I'm making a polka dot garland similar to this one.
I'm planning to make a special ornament with Micha, just like we (actually, it was me) did last year. 
I'm hoping to make that an annual tradition.


I can't wait to see the look on M's face when we come downstairs tomorrow morning, 
he is going to be one excited little boy! 
I just hope he doesn't tear it down the second I leave him alone. Eek!

I hope to post some photo's of the tree tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Love, Maria


  1. can't wait to see pics of it! I can't wait to get ours up on Saturday!

  2. is tomorrow and I don't see the pictures yet! I am curious!
    But hey, we will be babysitting this evening, so we will see it in real life!
    See you, love (o)mamaMarijke


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