Wednesday, January 15, 2014

dreaming up a nursery

I think it was the evening on the day I found out about our surprise pregnancy that I made a secret Pinterest board. (not secret anymore though) 
I needed to do something to help me get over the initial shock of finding out.
Dreaming up a nursery was the perfect way to let it sink in 
and get super excited about baby # 2.


With Micha we had years to think about a nursery and I was heavily inspired by this one on Apartment Therapy. 
I fell in love with all the bright colors but also with the fact that it didn't scream 'baby!'.
When we found out Micha was a boy, we added some more greens and reds and some boyish art, instead of pinks and yellows and flower prints like we would have done with a girl.

This time around I notice that I'm falling for bright colors again, but with a bit more white and polka dots mixed in. There's just something about bright colors that make me so happy.

image sources: (clockwise) 1,2,3,4,5

But while I love the idea of creating another colorful nursery, I might change things up a bit if baby # 2 is a girl and go for peach, pink and even some gold ( I know, it's super trendy, but I just can't help myself). 

Image sources: (clockwise) 1,2,3,4,5

I love the idea of an accent wall, like the chevron stripes we did for Micha's room (again, very trendy, but I happened to love the trend and am still in love with his wall). 
This time I would love to do a polka-dot wall or a graphic triangle wall.

For M's room I sewed and DIY'ed  almost everything, and I really would love to do that again this time. 
It saves costs and I love the idea of having original pieces to decorate with. 
We'll see how far I get!


I just can't wait to get started, 
but I think we'll wait until we know if this little baby is a he or a she.
Only four more weeks to go! Eek!

I'm off to do some more pinning ;) !

Love, Maria

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