Thursday, January 30, 2014

maybe I'll get a second chance?

not so sure about this mom..
As I mentioned in a recent post, Micha is not a big fan of baby-carrying. 
Ever since he was a tiny baby, he would squirm and scream and cry until we would free him from the carrier.
Once in a while he would accept it for a bit, but if he was done, he was done, and he'd certainly let you know.
this is what happens when Micha is done being carried

Before he was born, and even before he was conceived, I had done so much research on baby carriers, I knew I didn't want a wrap or a sling, they seemed so complicated. 
No, what I wanted was either a Ergo or a Beco, used by my favorite bloggers at the time. (It really does work, advertising through blogs).
The Beco had cuter prints so I decided to get one of those. 
And in the months before M. was born you could have caught me walking around the house with the carrier strapped to my belly, imagining how perfect and serene life would be with my newborn in the carrier.


And then came the moment of truth, Micha was born and as soon as he was big enough I attempted the carrier. 
Womp,womp,womp.... he did not like it, not one bit!

Turns out, he's just like his mama, not happy to be confined or strapped down. 
No, we need our freedom and independence!


But, no despair, I get to have a second chance. 
Maybe baby #2 will love being carried and constantly being close to me. 
This time around I might even try a baby wrap, it honestly seems more comfortable for a newborn, and a bit easier for me to wear around the house. 
And yet again I've been swayed by the magic of blog advertising and am lusting after this beautiful wrap.

But this time around I think I'll first borrow a friends wrap and if baby agrees with it, I'll get one for myself.
Live and learn, people!

Do you have experience with baby carrying? What was your favorite carrier? Let me know!

Love, Maria


  1. Those pictures are so precious haha. Hopefully baby #2 will love being carried! My sister-in-law used a wrap with my youngest nephew when he was tiny, and they both loved it.

  2. Blog advertising definitely works! I have had the Moby, an ergo, and a beco. Plus we have a kelty backpack carrier. My first loved the Moby as did I. My second detested it. He had being contained. So I got rid of it. With my third, she loved the ergo at first but got sick of staring at my chest. Enter the Beco. We both love that thing. But wraps are very nice for those first few weeks. I loved how safe and snug it was. And the kelty backpack carrier is wonderful once they are older.



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