Friday, May 3, 2013

My favorite week of the year

I always feel so blessed and lucky to have my birthday in May. 

It's my very favorite month of the year,
spring has just arrived and the world becomes alive again,
there's a feeling of happiness in the air because of all the newness and life of this beautiful season. 

The sun is shining, 
the trees are blooming, 
the birds wake us up in the morning with their sweet songs 
and the weather is perfect, not too hot or too cold. 

On top of all that my birthday falls in between two national holidays we have here in Holland, 
'Queens Day' and 'Liberation Day' (the day we remember and celebrate that Holland was liberated from the German occupation in WWII) , 
and that all in one week.

That means that my lucky teacher husband always has a week off on my birthday 
and I get to spend all day with the two guys I love most! 

So it's safe to say that the last few days of April 
and the first days of May are my very favorite days of the year.

^ ^ ^ ^

Here a little recap of my favorite moments this week: 
(Sunday is Liberation Day, so you'll get a recap of that next week)

Monday morning: 

snuggles with Papa, who has two weeks off of work!

^ ^ ^ ^

Tuesday / Queens Day:

We head out bright and early to do some treasure hunting at the Queens Day flea market.
We find some cute little All Star Chucks, some books and a toy for Micha. 

When we come home we turn on the TV and watch our Queen abdicate and witness the inauguration of her son Willem-Alexander as our new King.

At the end of the day we head out to our friends place for our annual Queens Day Barbecue. The babies sleep while we eat good food and watch some more of the festivities on TV.

It was a fun day!

^ ^ ^ ^


Hands down the cutest moment of the week.
Finding Micha sleeping like this during his nap. 
Too cute!

^ ^ ^ ^

Thursday / My Birthday:

I finish making the Lemon Raspberry Cake I started working on on Wednesday afternoon 
and I am quite proud of the result.
It tastes pretty well too! 
I've been eyeing the recipe in my Flour Bakery cookbook for a few years now 
and decided that this year was the year I'd try to make it.
The recipe is four pages long and the long list of ingredients include: 
14 eggs, 6 sticks of butter, about 3 cups of sugar and 10 lemons and more. 

Yes, very, very decadent! But so delicious!

B. and Micha give me presents during breakfast, cookbooks, yay! 
I'm so excited I got this one.
Later we go to a bike shop and I get to pick out a new bike, can't wait to pick it up.
I feel so spoiled!

My parents and oma come over for coffee and cake and in the afternoon my brother and his family visit.

Before dinner we head out to our favorite ice cream shop to get some frozen yogurt. 

In the evening some friends come over for a little birthday party 
and Micha spoils us by being the most well behaved sleeping baby there is. 
He even sleeps through the night ( 6 consecutive hours), the BEST present ever! :)

^ ^ ^ ^

Friday / today:

A quiet, lazy day. A perfect way to end this busy and fun week 
and to get ready for all the fun we'll have this weekend!

How was your week?

Love, Maria

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P.s. I won't be blogging much next week, as we'll be gone for a few days. See you all the week after!


  1. oh happy birthday Maria ! wish you a wonderful and blessed and fun new year ! Happy to got to know you.
    wish you some happy days off with your family!

    1. ahhh and the cake looks so good !!! good celebrations just need some decadent cake like this :)!

  2. Oooh, happy birthday! My hubs' bday is next week. Hooray for May birthdays!!

    just love

  3. Sounds like an amazing week and HOLY COW THAT CAKE!!

  4. Happy belated birthday! I love Love LOVE Micha's hair in Thursday's pic. SO precious! I am now following you via GFC. I'd love if you stopped by and followed me as well!

    Angela's Favorite Things

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