Monday, September 30, 2013

fourteen months old

Dear Micha,

I just realized that having a birthday on the 31st, like you do, makes it hard to count your months exactly.
But give or take a day or two you are now fourteen months old.

I like fourteen months old.

You are learning so many new words lately, your favorite words are 'p' or 'b' words, like 'papa' or 'bat' for water. 
When we go the playground ('speeltuin' in dutch) you say 'pee- ta' and you know quite a few animal sounds. 
You wave and say 'da-da' (bye-bye in dutch is 'dag-dag'), our elderly neighbors can't get enough!
It's so much fun to see you learn and understand different words.

You're walking like a pro, and you love to climb. You've climbed the stairs a few times before we smartened up and installed a baby gate. 
Luckily for us you are a great climber and no accidents happened. 

Your favorite thing to do is playing at the playground. 
Especially when there are other kids, you just love interacting and playing with them. 
It doesn't upset or faze you at all if you're pushed down or bumped into by older kids. 
You love going down the slide, backwards, on your belly or the right way, you're a fearless little dude.

You've been sick for the first time in ages a little while ago and while I hated that you weren't feeling well, I loved all extra cuddles, since you're usually not very cuddly.
But ever since you've been sick, you're also not sleeping like we would like.
You have the habit of waking up crying and upset just an hour after we go to bed and it's not as easy to calm you down as it used to be. Hopefully it's just a phase.

You still love to eat and you're even learning how to eat with a spoon and a fork. 
I'm so proud of you. 
Your papa and I are so glad we chose to go with the baby led weaning method, eating has never been an issue.
You still love your broccoli and any pasta dish. 
You're kind of on the fence with tomatoes and you don't like avocados anymore.

You're still crazy about cars and buses and trucks, such a typical boy, I love it!

You love 'reading' books and being read to. Quite the little bookworm. 

Your personality is my favorite part about you. 
You're such a happy little boy and you have a smile ready for anyone that gives you attention. 
You love chatting with people and bring so much cheer with your loud little voice. 
You're a little bit cheeky and you never sit still.
You're adventurous and curious and always trying to grab things you're not allowed to. 
You know what you want and if you don't get it, you'll let me know. 
I love that you feel and show your emotions well. It reminds me of myself. 
You and me are like that little girl with the little curl.
'There was a little girl, 
who had a little curl, 
right in the middle of her forehead, 
and when she was good, 
she was very, very good, 
and when she was bad, she was horrid.'

Except for the fact that I never find you 'horrid', just maybe a handful sometimes. :) 

Micha, I think you are the smartest, most handsome and most adorable little boy this world has ever known.(No, not biased at all ;) )
You are an answer to so many prayers.

Love you so much, little buddy!

Love, Mama


  1. Oh! I forgot about that poem!! Now I know what to next write on Katherine's chalkboard! ;)
    Micha is SO HANDSOME!! And I agree... 14 months is fantastic. :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much! My mom used to always recite it when I was young, haha!

  2. Oh, Maria, I did not mean the 'horrid' either, yes, also sometimes an 'engeltje met een 'b' er voor'.
    And Micha, a very happy 14th month to you! Lots of cuddles and kisses and I love both of you!

  3. Reallyreallyreally time for you to come over and visit so we can hear that loud little voice ....

    1. I agree, saving up as we speak! :)

  4. he is SO handsome! i love his eyes! i hope addilyn loves books and reading!

  5. And he sits on his knees exactly like his opa used to do ALL the time (not so often nowadays)



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