Wednesday, November 21, 2012

16 weeks + a day

16 weeks old, Micha! You are growing up way to fast!

Yesterday we spent all day at the hospital because you needed a hernia operation.

I wasn't able to make your normal weekly photo, but I managed to make this one at the hospital.

Papa and I were pretty nervous about the procedure, but you were so brave! You smiled at all the doctors and nurses all the way up to the operation room. I was allowed to hold your hand while they put you to sleep. It was such a strange feeling to leave you behind!

When they were done operating on you I was there to hold you while you woke up. I've never been so happy to see you wake up! At first you were a little bit sad, but after an hour or so you started to perk up and smile at us again. You quickly were your old self again and started flirting with all the nurses!

You had to spend the night in the hospital, luckily I was able to stay with you! This morning we were allowed to take you home. 

We are so thankful that you're our happy, healthy boy again.

You looked so delicious in your mini gown

We love you!

Love, mama


  1. he does look delicious in that mini gown - I want to squeeze him so badly! thankful the surgery went well - what a blessing! I am sure it was harder on you and B in many ways! :)

  2. Dear Maria ( and Bastiaan),
    so happy to hear all went well.
    I know, it is only a small operation, done daily by the doctors, but it was your own little Micha and it is a real operation! God helped the doctors and made all well! Thanks to Him!
    I remember our little boy, Alwin, when he had the same operation. He was 9 months then (that is now more than 36 years ago!). To see him smiling at all the nurses and doctors around him too and then falling asleep after the the aneasthesist(?)gave him the medicine and having to let him there with them. Then the waiting...But also being so amazed to see how fast a little boy like that recovers so soon again. He too flirted with the nurses there and they could not resist him as well (must be the Plug genes!)
    Maria, all those things are not nice to go through, but I am sure it is another step to being closer as a family, another experience together as a family. I wish you guys lots of wonderful experiences together, I pray that most of them will be very happy ones! God be with you and your happy family in all your familyexperiences! Kusjes van MamaMarijke



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