Friday, November 2, 2012

The boy is popular

It seems like yesterday that we welcomed Micha into this world, and at the same time it's like he's always been here.
He's only 13 weeks old and he's already stolen our hearts for good!  And not only ours, from the moment he was born he's attracted so much attention and love, people even flew across oceans and continents to meet him!

First came Alice, my sister who lives in Canada. She and her oldest daughter Jacoba arrived when Micha was only a week old. Jacoba went and visited her cousins here in Holland but Alice stayed in our home for ten days. It was so  nice to have her here, and Micha loved her!
As a mother of four, she was the perfect person to help us (new and overwhelmed parents) by giving us advice, rocking Micha to sleep and just being there for us! I loved sharing my first moments as a mom with my oldest sister! She sure was missed when she left!

Then came my mom and my dad. Last year they moved to Benin, Africa, to help out the local churches there with advice, training etc. They left around the time I found out I was pregnant, and while I totally support what they're doing in Benin, I missed them so much during my pregnancy. Luckily they visited Holland for two weeks in April when I was about 26 weeks pregnant.
And then, about two weeks after Micha was born they visited again. I thought it would be so hard not seeing my parents and showing them their newest grandson right after he was born. But because everything was so new and overwhelming I didn't have much time to think about it.
But the moment they arrived at out house I realized how much I had missed them, finally they would see our son and see their daughter as a mom. It was such a special moment! 

The last international visitors were my oldest and closest friend Lydia from Canada and her youngest boy Myles. Lydia and I have been best friends since we were six years old and our friendship has continued even though we are now an ocean apart. Every time we meet up, even if there have been years in between, it's like we've never missed each other. We have such a unique bond and I'm so blessed to have a friend like Lydia in my life! The last time we saw each other was in 2008 when we were both newly weds and thinking about starting families, and now we're both momma's. We spent eight days together just hanging out at home and walking into town with our boys. Nothing crazy, but it was perfect!

So yeah, the boy has been quite popular! I love that he's so loved!

Love, Maria


  1. yes, the boy sure is popular! And I also love that he is so loved! Love you three(Bas, Maria and Micha) lots and lots, omamamaMarijke

  2. bah! can't believe he is 12 weeks old already! :) I miss that lil' munchkin sooo much - loved our time spent together! xo



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