Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekend & Ten Things

It's Friday! B. is an elementary school teacher and has the weekends off, yay!
Usually when he comes home from school during the week Micha is pretty exhausted and not always the happiest little camper. So on the weekends they really get some fun quality time together. I love it!

Speaking of Fridays, I saw this e card on Facebook the other day and it made me giggle!

So true hey? :)

So, I thought it would be nice to further introduce myself to readers who don't know me yet. I think most people reading along know me (Hi!), but I feel like doing it anyways!

I saw a 'Ten Things' post on Leighs blog, and thought I'd give it a try too!

1. I was born in Australia, moved to Canada when I was six and when I was ten we moved to Holland. What does that make me? Australian, Canadian, Dutch? I have no clue! I feel most connected to Canada and Holland!

2. I met B. when I was fourteen, we started dating when I was sixteen, and we got married when I was twenty-one. Our love story deserves a whole other post!

3. We struggled with infertility for four years before I got pregnant with Micha. He is a miracle baby!

4. I have a BIG sweet tooth, and miss American/Canadian junk food like crazy here in Holland!
Where are ma donuts??

5. I studied Journalism in University but didn't get my degree because of all the infertility yuckiness, too much on my mind!

6. I work a few hours a week as a Barista, it's turned me into such a coffee snob! Nothing's good enough for me anymore unless I make it myself! :)

7. My dream is to one day open my own little bakery/ breakfast shop! I love baking, I'll be sharing my favorite recipes soon!

8. I've wanted to start a blog for a few years now, but always thought that my life wasn't interesting enough. But now that my parents live so far away it's a good way to keep them updated on Micha and our lives. And it's become such a fun way to connect with so many people all over the world! I'm happy I finally took the step!

9. I love being a mom, even if it's hard sometimes. I'm so in love with my boy!

10. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, but I should make more time for him in my daily life! Taking time to pray and read the bible is definitely something I need to work on!

So, that's a little about me, why don't you share a little about yourself?
 Have a great weekend!

Love, Maria

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  1. Weekends are still better, because there's less of a schedule ....
    10 things about me? Good thing you already know more than ten :-).

  2. I can't believe you met your husband when you were 14. That is so sweet! I just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I hope you don't mind if I follow along, but I couldn't find a follow button? Do you have a way I can follow via GFC?

    new follower :)

    1. Hi Bonnie!
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Crazy hey, 14 years old? I'll definitely write our love story done and post it soon!

      I'm kind of a newbie in blogland, so I haven't figured out everything yet! I'm not sure how to make a follow button, any tips? You are able to follow by submitting your email address!

      Anyways, I'm off to check out your blog!


    2. Dear Maria!
      Another blog today, that makes me so happy, thanks, my dear daughter!
      Yes, maybe mothers don't really have the weekends off, but weekends can be very enjoyable anyways, especially now Micha is still small. Saturdays: no reason to get up early, papa makes breakfast for the family, at the same time he can change the nightdiaper and looks after Micha, you can get up when they are ready for you and then you can read the saturday newspaper in pyama's at the breakfast table. Heerlijk, right now Micha doesn't go to soccor or other sports on saturdays yet. And for the rest of the weekend, together with just the three of you,and then sunday...the real day of rest,...Maria, enjoy it with your dear Bastiaan and little sweet Micha! I am so happy that you are enjoying it so much, being a you guys lots, MamaMarijke.

    3. Oh, I found the follow button! Two followers already, yay!

  3. Hey Maria,
    thank you for stopping by. Just wanted to leave you a message on this way.
    I love your little now I guess there are 3 followers:)...

    I was smiling when I saw the card. Because we still have our "Friday-moments" were hubby and I stay up until late,realizing in the early morning that Emmi is always awake at 6.30 am. But the smile in her face recompenses everything. Hope you are doing wellxxx Noni (Monique:)



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